About Me

The first movie I remember seeing was Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. My parents had taken me to Disneyland that day and the only ride I remember being on was Star Tours. I loved every minute of it. I was truly entranced by the magic of that ride. I felt like I was on a real adventure. After the ride my Dad told me there was more to Star Wars than just the ride. I was intrigued. He took me over to the table of glorious Star Wars VHS tapes. He told me to pick one and only one. I thought that the cover of The Empire Strikes Back was the most interesting with its large ships and a shiny, black helmeted figure, so I picked it. The rest is history. I have loved and obsessed over movies ever since that moment when I saw a little green man lift a ship out of a swamp and I felt that anything was possible if you simply believed.

Of course my parents were not so cruel as to limit me to only one Star Wars movie throughout my childhood. Soon I had A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. More than that I had a subscription to Star Wars Insider and all the Star Wars toys a young boy could hope for. Before The Phantom Menace was released I loved speculating about the possibilities the movie could offer. Essentially this blog was started because I have not stopped speculating about future movies. Not only will I discuss future Star Wars movies, but all movies that I am excited about. I will also post reviews of movies that have left an impression with me, for better or for worse.


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