The Last Jedi Trailer

The newest Star Wars trailer was exciting because of its promise to do things different. As Luke said: "This is not going to go how you think." I hope that is true. But I also hope that the trailer is not baiting us with these surprising trailer moments only for us to find out that this is going to be more of the same. The most disappointing trailer moment for me was the Kylo Ren and Leia moment because it was the most obvious bait. I am a huge fan of Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher. I would have loved to have seen any moments with Leia except for that one because its only purpose was to get us to think that Kylo Ren would resolve Leia's storyline by killing her, which I think we will find out (surprise!) will not happen. Leia was supposed to have a larger role in the sequel to The Last Jedi and, as far as we know, new scenes were not shot for this movie to account for Carrie Fisher's unfortunate passing.

One of the best moments was the scene of Luke explaining his reticence at training Rey, given the destructive, raw power he faced when his fledgling Jedi Academy was destroyed. For me this is the main draw of Star Wars, when characters are faced with challenges that change or shape their life stories. That is also the draw of philosophy and spirituality because human beings have the need to assign meaning to their lives. Phrases like "Fulfill your destiny" are used in Star Wars because of this need. Not surprisingly, my other favorite moments were the last couple scenes showing Rey in Snoke's chambers and also Rey asking Kylo Ren, or so we are led to believe, to show her place in all of this. Those moments are what makes Star Wars so great.

My theory about the start of a new religion of the Force and the destruction of the corrupted doctrines of the Jedi and the Sith was only further strengthened by this trailer. It seems to me that the last scene of the trailer takes place later in the film given Kylo Ren's scars. I believe that perhaps Kylo Ren and Rey are two halves that will create a better and more whole view of the Force. Perhaps Snoke has the idea that he will usher in this new view of the Force, while Kylo Ren and Rey realize that Snoke's view is also incomplete and they try to confront him. Luke would be right in not attempting to usher in this new take on the Force, especially if he hasn't learned all that he needs yet. We know from the first teaser trailer that Luke believes the Force is so much bigger than light, dark, and the balance between the two, but is he ready to teach that bigger view yet? Perhaps, the message of the new movies is that it takes a fresh viewpoint from a younger generation to create this more complete view of the Force.

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