Is Rey Luke's Daughter?

There seem to be some clues for this theory already embedded in The Force Awakens. When Rey first encounters Luke's lightsaber she sees a strange vision which starts with the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where Luke finds out about who his father is which is an interesting place for her vision to start. She then sees scenes of Luke's Jedi Academy burning and Kylo Ren slaying an unknown host of people. Then we see her being left on a Jakku with Unkar Plutt. After that vision Maz Kanata tells her that this was Luke's lighstaber and his father's before him, now it calls to Rey. Then Maz tells her that the person she is looking for is not coming back, but someone still could. Then Rey says "Luke." Then Maz tells her that the belonging she seeks is not behind her, but ahead.

The belonging she seeks is obviously for family, as evidenced by her earlier conversations with BB-8 about waiting for her family. Maz tells her this belonging is with Luke. With all of these clues taken together it would seem that Luke is Rey's father. Let's keep in mind that this scene also occurs after Maz talks with Han about who this girl is and it gives Maz a reason to go down to talk to Rey after her vision. Earlier in the movie there are some subtle hints that Han knows who Rey is. He looks at her in a concerned and caring way when she says that she has never seen so much green in her life upon arriving to Maz's planet. He is almost saddened by the fact that Rey never left Jakku. After this scene, he offers Rey a job on the Falcon. Why her and not Finn? He already knows Finn is not really a "big deal" in the Resistance and is equally open for work as Rey is. Han has a hidden connection to this girl. Han knows something of the her, but we never get to see his response to Maz's question of course.

Kylo Ren also knows who Rey is. When he hears that BB-8 has escaped early on in the movie he gets very angry, but he doesn't get physically violent with his unfortunate messenger until a girl is mentioned. He lashes out in anger saying what girl and physically chokes the First Order officer bringing him the information. Later, he tells Rey that she is the girl he has heard so much about. Why is Kylo so focused on Rey? What does he know about her?

But then there are some flaws in this theory. If Han and Kylo know of Rey, with the idea being that they know of her heritage as well, then Leia should also know. But when Finn tells Leia about Rey being captured Leia does not react with much concern. Most of her concern is with finding out about Starkiller base. An aunt would be very concerned about her niece, especially since she is also trying to find Luke.

Perhaps the most glaring flaw in this theory is why would Luke leave Rey on Jakku with Unkar Plutt? Also, Rey looks about 6-8 years old when she was left on Jakku. If she was left there because Luke wanted to hide her from Snoke and Kylo Ren she would have been much older as Kylo Ren left Luke's new Jedi only 6 years before The Force Awakens. If she was left on Jakku after Luke's Jedi Academy burned down, then she would only be 12-14 years old in The Force Awakens. However, we all know that Rey is about 10 years older than that in The Force Awakens. Also, if Luke was able to successfully hide out on Ach-To for 6 years, then why wouldn't he just take his daughter with him?

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