A Mace Windu Movie?

Samuel L. Jackson's pleas at Star Wars Celebration for a Mace Windu movie got me thinking. What would a Mace Windu movie look like? And is it even a good idea? For me the only way to bring back Mace Windu is through a standalone, Star Wars Story movie. Having him appear as a Force ghost in the new sequel trilogy wouldn't work because Luke has never met Mace Windu before and it would be a forced cameo. In fact any future cameo of Mace Windu in Star Wars movie wouldn't do his character justice. If he appeared for a couple minutes in one of the A Star Wars Story movies it would jar viewers from the story and leave fans wanting more.

No, if Mace Windu does come back it should be in a full, standalone movie. It should be set 10-15 years after Revenge of the Sith to reflect Samuel L. Jackson's age. Any attempt to set a movie before the events of the Revenge of the Sith wouldn't feel right because of the difference in age. It might actually be more interesting to see Mace Windu as a broken, former hero like Wolverine in Logan. Maybe he feels like he failed in stopping Palpatine from destroying the Jedi and taking over the Republic. Maybe he is hiding out on some world with a family. As a catalyst for starting up the fight again against the Emperor, maybe the Empire slays his family or friends. I would love to see a movie with Mace Windu waging a one man war against several companies of stormtroopers, a mid-movie lightsaber fight with an Imperial Inquisitor(s), and a finale match with Darth Vader. Perhaps even a rematch with the Emperor would be fitting.

However, there are some problems with Mace Windu coming back to fight the Empire and the Sith. While I can see that Mace Windu would go into exile after failing to kill Palpatine, much like Yoda did, I believe that if he did survive his encounter with Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith he would have tried to stop the massacre at the Jedi Temple that took place shortly after his defeat. This would create a plot problem because he was there at Coruscant when the massacre took place and I don't think he would stand by and let that happen to the Jedi Temple. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda were off-world so they could not help out at the time. So, any movie featuring a Mace Windu that survived his battle with Palpatine would have to address why he didn't show up at the Temple to defend it.

Therefore, I see three ways that Lucasfilm could make this movie interesting and get around that plot problem:

1. After getting a blast of Force lightning to the face from Palpatine and falling to the dark alleys of Coruscant, Mace Windu loses his memory and doesn't realize who he is. This could be interesting if the filmmakers went the Jason Bourne route and portrayed a warrior who doesn't know who he is or the full extent of his capabilities. That would explain why he didn't go to the Temple when it was being destroyed or why he didn't immediately go after the Empire after being defeated. He would also probably have to lose his lightsaber in that fall from the Emperor's office because that would obviously be a big clue to who he was.

I think a good starting point in the movie would be to show a Mace Windu who has taken up a mundane lifestyle as farmer or something similar, with a family, and with his Force powers being long since latent. Then an Imperial Inquisitor seeking Force sensitive individuals finds him and his offspring. Mace's family is killed, but he (re)discovers his Force powers in the process. After picking up an Inquisitor's lightsaber, Mace goes out for justice while slowly recovering pieces of his memory until Vader catches up with him. This movie could even be a two-in-one film with a portrayal of Vader on the hunt for his former mentor. A great ending to the film would be Vader revealing that he is really Anakin Skywalker. Finally, Mace would remember what happened at the Emperor's office and have a final showdown with Anakin.

2. After falling from the Emperor's office Mace Windu is in a coma. Fortunately, he is found by people sympathetic to the Jedi instead of clone troopers executing Order 66. Perhaps he is found by members of the Church of the Force, maybe even a young Lor San Tekka (The Force Awakens). When he awakes, the people who found him explain to him that the Jedi have been hunted down by the Emperor and that he must go into hiding. The rest of the film could go similar to the first scenario I suggested, with his family being killed, except that he would remember who he was and how the Emperor came into power. The dynamic added to this second scenario would be that Mace chose to go into exile after realizing what he was up against. Then he would decide to seek justice despite all the obstacles in front of him. It would make for a more heroic version of Mace because he would know that his improbable pursuit of justice would most likely end in death.

3. The filmmakers could also go a completely different route and connect Mace to the background of the new films of the sequel trilogy. This movie could start out the same way as the second scenario, with Mace being saved by sympathetic caretakers. However, after being defeated by the Emperor and Anakin, Mace is more than disillusioned and despondent. Mace desperately wants to find a way to increase his knowledge and mastery of the Force to defeat the Emperor, so he goes out to find its secrets much like Luke did after his Jedi Academy was destroyed. After years of searching, Mace Windu finds a source of great power in the Force. But rather than finding the first Jedi Temple, Mace finds an ancient, sinister evil in Snoke. It would very interesting to see Mace uncover a greater evil than the Emperor and face it. I  would love to see a battle between a prequel trilogy character like Mace and a sequel trilogy character like Snoke. Also, the idea that the new villain of the Star Wars series was unleashed by one of its old heroes would add an interesting facet to the films.

In any case a Mace Windu film would present its fair share of opportunities and difficulties. It may even be more feasible than an Obi-Wan Kenobi film because the filmmakers wouldn't have the same restrictions. It would be difficult to do an Obi-Wan Kenobi film because he couldn't reveal much of his Force powers without revealing himself to Vader and that would ruin the narrative in the original trilogy. If done right, a Mace Windu film would be very entertaining to watch and a worthy addition to the Star Wars canon.

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